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The Band Perry’s Memorial Day Tradition

The Band Perry holds Memorial Day as a very special holiday for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a time to show their love and support for our troops. “That sort of service I can’t even imagine,” Kimberly Perry said. “And we’re so grateful for that commitment.”

The sibling trio also enjoys a yearly Memorial Day celebration with their grandmother each year. “We go with our grandmother back to her home in Mayath, Mississippi, where there’s this Memorial Day event that her church has hosted since, as long as we can remember,” Kimberly said.

“After the service they have this huge lunch,” Reid Perry added. “Everyone will bring a dish and it is one of our favorite things to go to.” They group was able to visit with veterans while there when writing their first album, taking way incredible memories.

“We went down there and we just listened to a lot of the stories that they had to tell because there’s some amazing anecdotes.” Kimberly agrees, saying some of the stories were unbelievable.

“We recorded them and unfortunately, so many of those folks who had told us those stories three short years ago are no longer with us,” she said. “So it’s really like this moment in time that we’re trying to soak up before it’s gone away for us.”


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