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Thomas Rhett’s Wife Frowns Upon His Bad Habit

Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett photo by Justin Nolan Key, courtesy of The Valory Music Co.

Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren have been married for about eight months. Besides adjusting to married life and Thomas’ hectic touring schedule, Lauren has also learned to accept one of his bad habits – his tobacco dipping.

“It’s a horrible habit,” Thomas said. “My dad has chewed tobacco for a long time and so it kinda runs in the family. I’ve really tried to cut back. Lauren does not like it but when I do it, she is like, ‘You know that it’s not good for ya.’ And I say, ‘I know.’”

Thomas has a goal of quitting – someday. “One of these days I will stop,” he said. “I guess that’s what every dipper says, but I really do plan on stopping.”

Thomas’ latest single, “It Goes Like This,” has already cracked the Top 30.


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