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Tim McGraw Continues Learning Patience from His Daughters

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw photo courtesy of The Green Room.

Tim McGraw is a guy’s guy. If he’s not making music, he can often be found watching sports or at the gym. But he lives in a house full of women, including wife Faith Hill and their three daughters, Gracie, Maggie and Audrey, and continues to learn one very important lesson from them.

“Probably the biggest thing that I’m still always working on [with] having a house full of women is learning patience,” he said. “I’ve never been a very patient person so I think either I’m getting mellower with age or they’re teaching me patience. It’s one or the other. I’m not sure which one it is. Probably a combination of both.”

Tim was recently in our studio and he talked about one of his favorite Father’s Days with his daughters. Watch the interview HERE.Top 20 Country Songs About Dad >>

Tim is currently headlining his Two Lanes of Freedom Tour. He recently celebrated his latest No. 1 hit with “Highway Don’t Care” featuring Taylor Swift with Keith Urban on guitar.


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