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Why Taylor Swift Gives Her Fans “Extra Points”

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift photo courtesy of Erickson Public Relations.

Taylor Swift will take a break from her RED Tour to perform in Nashville as part of the Nightly Concerts at LP Field during CMA Music Festival. One of her favorite parts of performing live is when her fans sing along – no matter what country she’s in or what language they speak.

“What I love about the worldwide fans and fans in America is that they grasp on to the new music so quickly,” she said. “When I played for Wembley Arena at the BBC Teen Awards, I played RED for the first time, a new song off the record. It had been out for four days. It was crazy how many people in the crowd knew every word. It’s insane.”

Taylor admits her songs aren’t always the easiest to sing along with, making it that much more amazing to her that fans know all the words. “I don’t write songs that aren’t wordy,” she said. “There’s usually a lot to memorize and that’s why I give my fans extra points for memorizing all the words ‘cause I’m a very wordy writer.”

Taylor will perform at LP Field on Thursday night during CMA Music Festival.


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