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8 rescued from Catawba River after disregarding warning signs at Riverwalk

Eight swimmers were rescued from the banks of the Catawba River Saturday afternoon after their inner tubes became separated in the unusually high water.

Several fire trucks and an ambulance were called to the Riverwalk Park around 1 p.m. Saturday after someone called 911 to report four children and four adults were stranded on the Catawba.

Rock Hill resident Chrissy Plumadore and her cousin Derek Sovie of Canton, Ohio took their families on the river, not realizing the swift waters could become an issue.

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City crews shut down the canoe and boat ramp at Riverwalk and River Park hours before Plumadore and her family arrived at Riverwalk Park.

But despite the yellow caution tape and marked signage, they still went in the water.

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Paramedics treated one woman at the scene for minor injuries

Water levels along the Catawba are at or above flood stage as Duke Energy is releasing additional water from the Lake Wylie dam to alleviate flooding on the upper end of the Catawba River basin.

1 comment to 8 rescued from Catawba River after disregarding warning signs at Riverwalk

  • Karen LiCausi

    While the river was obviously high!, there weren’t any signs up until after their departure!!! I can’t condone folks being irresponsible with the high waters, I must say the article is inaccurate! We ran the river yesterday as conscious, decion capable adults, and had a great time! Granted we know the Catawba and respect her. However, we dropped a truck off at 3:30pm yesterday at River Park and those signs weren’t there! I’m just saying…….