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Jake Owen Gets Marital Advice from Kix Brooks’ Wife Barbara

Jake Owen

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Jake Owen thought he was making a fashion statement recently but actually, he ruffled a few friendly feathers! He snapped a picture of himself wearing a t-shirt that read ‘Cool Story Babe. Now go make me a sandwich’ and tweeted it out to fans, saying “This shirt didn’t go over too well with my wifey…”

It wasn’t just his wife, Lacey, that didn’t like his choice of attire. Kix Brooks’ wife Barbara also chimed in. “Gee, I wonder why! Been married to @KixBrooks for almost 32 years ,partly cuz he never called me “wifey.” Just a suggestion. :-) ” she tweeted to him.

Jake took the ribbing in stride, retweeting her post to share with his fans. Barbara also tweeted, “I bet Lacey will take care of that shirt. I’ve had several laundry “accidents” over the years.”

There was no word from Kix on how he felt about Jake’s t-shirt — or Barbara’s laundry “accidents” — but we’re willing to bet that’s one look Jake won’t be sporting again anytime soon!


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