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Taylor Swift Focuses On Being One Age at a Time

Taylor Swift Focuses On Being One Age at a Time

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Taylor Swift has grown up in the public eye. Now 23, she’s grown from the fresh-faced 16-year-old the world was introduced to with her single “Tim McGraw” to a refined, mature adult. Even in the early days of her career, Taylor had a good head on her shoulders that helped keep her grounded.

“I got a lot of questions early on of, ‘Are you gonna grow up too fast? Are you gonna be a train wreck? What’s gonna happen?’” she said. “What I gathered from all that is, it’s really important to grow up as the age that you are. Just for me personally that’s a priority. So I feel like when I was eighteen, I was eighteen. And when I was twenty, I was twenty.”

At 23, she has a simple goal – to live the best version of being 23. “To me that is expanding your horizons, challenging yourself musically, thinking outside the box for performances in ways you haven’t before,” she said. “Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Plays lots of shows. Try your best to be better than you’ve been before.”

While Taylor seems to have everything under control, she has a request of her fans: “Wish me luck.”


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