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Taylor Swift’s Generosity Shines at Italian Dinner

Taylor Swift leaves $500 tip and gives fan concert tickets

Taylor Swift photo courtesy of

A late-night craving for Italian food turned into a night one Taylor Swift fan won’t soon forget! After her July 19 show in Philadelphia, Taylor and her tourmates, Ed Sheeran and Austin Mahone, headed to Ralph’s Italian Restaurant where they met head chef Shawn Gallo, turning an ordinary dinner into a very special occasion, reports E! News.

“I called my mom to tell her Swift was there, and she wanted me to take a picture because she is a big fan,” Shawn said. “My son has autism, and while I’m at work my mom and my son love to listen to her music. He loves her music!”

Taylor hung around to take photos with the staff but posing for pictures wasn’t all she had in mind. She handed Shawn two tickets to her show the next night. “It was so kind-hearted of her,” Shawn said. “My son Shawnee is 11. It was my son and I’s first concert we’ve ever been to! It was really special.”

Taylor had one more generous trick up her sleeve. She left a $500 tip when she paid the check.


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