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Tim McGraw Learns from His Opening Acts

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw photo courtesy of The Green Room.

Tim McGraw has been touring for more than two decades, but he has never stopped learning. He’s constantly listening to music, keeping his eye out for new artists and taking it all in.

“I feel that when I stop learning how to do something, then I probably shouldn’t do it anymore,” he said. “Every act I see, every song I hear on the radio, every new artist that I see, every video I see, I always learn something new from everybody. Sometimes you learn a lot. I don’t think there’s ever been an artist I’ve listened to that I haven’t learned something from. Sometimes you learn what not to do. But more often than not, you learn what to do and things to do better.”

Brantley Gilbert is currently a special guest on Tim’s Two Lanes of Freedom Tour and Tim watches what the rising star is doing closely. “He rocks,” Tim said of Brantley. “He reminds me of Hank [Williams], Jr. when Hank, Jr. was at his prime and out there just smoking… He walks out with that kind of swagger and that attitude that all artists wish they had.”

Despite Brantley’s swagger and the number of talented artists in the genre these days, Tim doesn’t feel threatened. “I like artists that come into the format and up the game for everybody and push everybody along,” he said. “I don’t think anybody wants to stay status quo. I think any artist wants people to come in and bring in fresh ideas and fresh music and fresh energy and push us along too.”

Tim just released his latest single, “Southern Girl,” to country radio.


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