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Top 10 Country Tweets of the Week

Posted By Sarah Wyland On July 12, 2013 @ 12:16 PM In Country Music News | Comments Disabled


Country music stars sure love Twitter! This week, Jake Owen [2] and Scotty McCreery [3] send Randy Travis [4] well wishes, Jason Aldean [5] participates in throwback Thursday, Blake Shelton [6] loves his fans and Kacey Musgraves [7] gets serious with her songwriting pals. Here are our picks for this week’s Top 10 Country Tweets Of The Week [8]:

Jason Aldean [9]

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/Jason_Aldean.

Jason Aldean – Jason_Aldean: [10] #ThrowbackThursday [11] Who knew what was to come way back then. #blessed [12]

Jake Owen – JakeOwen [13]: Before I lay my head down tonight I’m saying a prayer for @randytravis [14]. One of the greatest singers to ever grace our ears. Amen.

Scotty McCreery – ScottyMcCreery [15]: My thoughts and prayers are with @RandyTravis [14] today. Praying for a great recovery for a true country music and North Carolina legend!

Blake Shelton [16]

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/blakeshelton.

Blake Shelton – BlakeShelton [17]: One my favorite things about performing live is going out and meeting my fans.

Carrie Underwood [18]CarrieUnderwood [19]: 3 years ago today, I married the most wonderful man! @mikefisher1212 [20] has made those 3 years the best of my life! Here’s to many, many more!

Brad Paisley [21]BradPaisley [22]: Boy life is fragile.


Kip Moore [23]

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/KipMooreMusic.

Kip Moore [24]KipMooreMusic [25]: From house of blues in myrtle beach before show…crowd was a blast!

Taylor Swift [26]TaylorSwift13 [27]: I feel like I definitely get along with people roughly 45% more if they know all the words to ‘You’re So Vain’ by Carly Simon.

Martina McBride [28]MartinaMcBride [29]: I get to have champagne in the middle of my day today. Not a bad day. Not a bad day at all.

Kacey Musgraves [30]

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/KaceyMusgraves.

Kacey Musgraves – KaceyMusgrave [31]: Writing day. Serious business. @shanemcanally [32] lukelaird

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