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Just Call Him Rhett, Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett is a big fan of James Bond movies.

Thomas Rhett photo by Justin Nolan Key, courtesy of The Valory Music Co.

Thomas Rhett and his band and crew watch a lot of movies while traveling from show to show on their tour bus. It’s a sure bet that one of the movies they keep on standby is Thomas’ childhood favorite, GoldenEye.

“I was the biggest James Bond fan on the planet,” he said. “I used to have the GoldenEye N64 game that I would play all the time. I guess it just brings back a bunch of childhood memories. I used to dress up like James Bond with my grandmother and shoot weird home videos of me being James Bond solving a crime.”

Thomas is currently a special guest on Jason Aldean’s Night Train Tour. Watch his “It Goes Like This” video.


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