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Justin Moore Is an Unhappy Baseball Fan

Justin Moore is not happy with the state of major league baseball.

Justin Moore photo courtesy of The Valory Music Co.

Justin Moore is a huge baseball fan, citing the Atlanta Braves as his team of choice. Lately though, he is unhappy with the state of baseball, following Major League Baseball’s announcement of one of the largest suspensions of players in the game’s history for using performance enhancing drugs.

“What’s going on right now is you’re gonna pay some guy $40 million to play all season and if you get caught doing steroids you miss 50 games, so you lose three million dollars,” Justin said. “Whoopty do. You still get out of there with $37 million so it’s worth the risk to these people. And I hate to see what’s going on. There’s a black cloud over major league baseball right now and I think the penalty needs to be stronger, in my opinion.” 

If Justin had his way, players would get one chance and once chance only – one strike, and they’re out. Realistically though, he knows that will probably never be the case.

“There’s too much money in that sport,” he said. “Along with the other sports, and too many TV dollars. I don’t know if anybody’s got the balls to do it or not, but I hope they finally grow some.”

Justin will release his new album, Off The Beaten Path, on September 17, which includes his current hit, “Point At You.” He will also kick off his second headlining tour November 1.


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