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Taylor Swift Enjoys Japanese on Her Day Off

Taylor Swift enjoys Japanese on her day off.

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Taylor Swift’s day job as an international superstar is pretty cool, but it requires a lot of work. She is constantly writing, touring, managing her many corporate partnerships, her perfume line and working on her next project. When she does get time to relax, there are a few go-to things she enjoys.

“I really like Japanese food,” she said, revealing she had a hibachi cook top installed in her Nashville condo so she could make her own Japanese stir fry. “I’ll listen to a new album that’s just come out or I’ll listen to new songs I’m liking. It’s just kind of a time for me to be away from a lot of people. Because I’m surrounded by a lot of people all the time.”

Taylor is currently headlining her RED Tour. Her latest single, “Red,” is at country radio now.


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