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Taylor Swift’s “Red” Defined Her Entire Album

Taylor Swift's "Red" defined her entire album.

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Taylor Swift’s latest single, “Red,” is not only her most recent album’s title track, it’s all the cornerstone for the entire Red album. The color itself served as inspiration as she penned songs for the project, many of which are about various emotions associated with love and relationships.

“It was a song about kinda correlating the emotions you went through in a breakup to different colors,” she said. “It talks about blue and dark gray and then eventually admits that the reason it’s impossible to forget someone is if loving them was red: if it was intense; if it was passionate. And that doesn’t matter if it’s intensely good or intensely bad. It’s intensely unforgettable if it was red.”

Taylor is currently crisscrossing the country on her RED Tour and will take the tour overseas to Australia later this year. Watch Taylor’s “Red” music video >>


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