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Justin Moore Stays True to Himself on His New Album

Justin Moore Stays True to Himself on His New Album

Justin Moore photo by Kristin Barlowe, courtesy of BMLG.

When Justin Moore set out to record his new album, Off the Beaten Path, he wanted songs that are relevant to today’s music scene but would also be true to who he is as an artist. With that in mind, he chose a few songs that pushed him as an artist.

“When I put my first album out four years ago, the songs that were on the radio then ain’t what’s on the radio now,” he said. “I can like it or not like it (but) I live in that world. Because of that, we took a few chances on this record.”

Justin is proud of his new album, but if he was given the chance, he’d head into the studio to cut an album that sounds like it was made in the ‘90s. Listening to music from that decade is one of his favorite things to do, but he realizes it’s very different from what is being played on radio today.

“At the end of the day, my job is to give an album to my record label that they feel like they can continue to help me grow my artistry and grow my career,” he said. “[This new album] is as much as I can bend each way, and it represents where I’m at as an artist right now. You gotta change and grow and evolve as the music does.”

Off The Beaten Path features Justin’s latest hit single, “Point At You.” Watch the “Point At You” music video >>


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