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Laura Bell Bundy Calls Country Music “Addicting”

Laura Bell Bundy Calls Country Music "Addicting"

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Laura Bell Bundy has landed a role opposite of Charlie Sheen on his sitcom Anger Management and will reprise her role of Shelby on Hart of Dixie this fall. She’s also released her new single, “Two Step,” to radio and is working on her next country album. With her acting career going so well, people have been curious about why she’s still making music.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been as inspired in my life as I am now,” she said. “I feel completely open and free. Sometimes you just feel like it’s not coming from you and even if it’s a silly, stupid dance song. It still feels like you’re channeling something.

“That is addicting for me,” she continued. “I love it. Being onstage and doing my music, it is like the best drug you could ever take. I realize that I’m still gonna do this whether people listen or not.”

Laura Bell is also on tour with Rascal Flatts. Watch her “Two Step” music video >>


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