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Taylor Swift: Novelist

Taylor Swift remembers writing a novel as a teenager

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Taylor Swift is an award-winning songwriter these days, but she also loves to write poetry and other types of work. In fact, when she was 13 and on vacation with her parents in Stone Harbor, New Jersey, she decided she wanted to write a book.

“All my friends were back in Pennsylvania and so I had nothing to do,” she said. “I had this epiphany; I’m going to be a novelist and I’m gonna write novels and that’s gonna be my career path. I would write different chapters of this book and send them back to my friends and I’d write them into the book under different names but totally describe their personalities. It was a really fun way to spend the summer.”

Taylor was so dedicated to writing her novel during that vacation that her parents grew frustrated with the fact that she’d never go outside. While her career as a novelist was ultimately trumped by songwriting, the art of writing is and always will be, her favorite thing to do.

“You can convey a thought or a story or completely describe a character or a situation through words and the whole process of editing and re-editing and rethinking and imagining,” she said. “I think that that’s what I loved about writing the novel and that’s what I love about poetry and songwriting.”

Taylor’s latest single, “Red,” is at country radio now.


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