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The Band Perry’s Fans Help Kimberly Perry Learn About Pearl Harbor

The Band Perry's Fans Help Kimberly Perry Learn About Pearl Harbor

The Band Perry photo by David McClister, courtesy of Splash Public Relations.

The Band Perry recently appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show to perform their latest single, “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely.” While there, they sat down with Arsenio to talk about their upcoming We Are Pioneers World Tour, a “rock ‘n roll moment” that occurred during a performance in Canada and – Kimberly’s geography skills.

“Of the three of us, I would probably be the least knowledgeable about history,” she said. “It was not my fault because I did have a history teacher. He would kind of give us all the answers to the test and then I would memorize them so I never really learned American History like I should have. This was many, many years ago, but we were watching something on the History Channel and they said ‘Now Kimberly, you do know where Pearl Harbor happened, right?’ And I said ‘Of course, Mississippi.’”

Kimberly now knows the location of Pearl Harbor, thanks in large part to the band’s fans who have gifted them with books and movies about the historic event. Watch their appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show >>

The group will have plenty of time to brush up on geography when their We Are Pioneers Tour kicks off on November 8 with a five-week run in Europe before embarking on a string of North American dates in January.


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