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Tim McGraw’s Daughters Inspired “Highway Don’t Care” Music Video

Tim McGraw's Daughters Inspired "Highway Don't Care" Music Video

Tim McGraw photo by Nigel Parry, courtesy of The Green Room.

Tim McGraw’s “Highway Don’t Care” with Taylor Swift and featuring Keith Urban on guitar was just nominated for three CMA Awards, including Music Video of the Year. Tim took the opportunity to use the video as a way to speak out against the dangerous practice of texting and driving, even though that’s not what the song is about. His teenage daughters were largely the inspiration behind the video’s treatment.

“I’m not gonna stand on a soap box and tell everybody how they should live their lives and what you should and shouldn’t do,” he said. “It just felt like it was the right opportunity. It really meant something for me to say it because I do have teenage daughters, so it wouldn’t be like just throwing a message out there for the hell of throwing a message out there.”

Tim realizes his daughters are growing up in a very different world than the one he grew up in. For one, he remembers not even having a house phone, let alone a cell phone. “Having a phone outside of your house and texting and talking on the phone and driving, it’s not engrained as it is now,” he said. “We’ve lived with it for a while but that’s all they know.”

Watch Tim Mcgraw’s “Highway Don’t Care” music video >>


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