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Tyler Farr Fans Unlock “First Listens” from Upcoming Debut Album

Tyler Farr Fans Unlock "First Listens" from Upcoming Debut Album

Tyler Farr photo courtesy of Sony Music Nashville.

Tyler Farr’s fans responded to his challenge to show their “redneck crazy” through Instagram, unlocking three exclusive first listens of his debut album, Redneck Crazy. Fans took photos of themselves representing one of the album’s song titles. The three tracks set to be revealed throughout this week generated the most fan images. The first track, “Ain’t Even Drinkin,’” was unveiled on Monday.

“I promised my grandma I’d put one song about not drinking on my album, and this song is about drinking, but it isn’t,” he said. “I wanted to write a song about a guy that this girl just does it for him. In the chorus it says ‘I’m already gone.’ He’s seeing stars, done got shot by cupid with the arrow and too drunk to drive home, but he ain’t even drinking. This girl has him more messed up than five snakes in a lawnmower.” 

The next two tracks that were unlocked for early listen will be revealed on September 11 and September 13. Redneck Crazy hits stores September 30.

Redneck Crazy Track Listing

1. Dirty
2. Makes You Wanna Drink
3. Redneck Crazy
4. Whiskey in My Water
5. Hot Mess
6. Hello Goodbye
7. Ain’t Even Drinkin’
8. Wish I Had a Boat
9. Chicks, Trucks, and Beer (feat. Colt Ford)
10. Cowgirl
11. Living With the Blues


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