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Kellie Pickler’s New Album The Woman I Am Out November 11

Kellie Pickler's New Album The Woman I Am Out November 11

Kellie Pickler photo courtesy of Esstential Broadcast Media.

Kellie Pickler will release her fourth studio album, The Woman I Am, on November 11. Fans can now pre-order special album bundles on Kellie co-wrote three songs on the project, including the title track.

“I was doing an interview and a gentleman said, ‘So, if I were to tell someone who doesn’t listen to country music and is not familiar with you to get one song off iTunes to download that kind of describes you in a nutshell, what would it be?’” Kellie said. “I thought and then I said, ‘I don’t think I’ve written it yet, but I’m going to,’ and my husband and I wrote it that night.”

Produced by Luke Wooten and Frank Liddell, The Woman I Am contains 12 new songs including “Someone Somewhere Tonight” and Kellie’s current single, “Little Bit Gypsy.” Kellie’s husband, Kyle Jacobs, co-wrote four songs on the project.

The Woman I Am Track Listing

1. “Little Bit Gypsy”
2. “Ring For Sale”
3. “Buzzin’”
4. “The Woman I Am”
5. “Closer To Nowhere”
6. “Selma Drye”
7. “I Forgive You”
8. “Bonnie And Clyde”
9. “Where Did Your Love Go”
10. “No Cure For Crazy”
11. “Tough All Over”
12. “Someone Somewhere Tonight”


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