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Eric Church & Kip Moore Recall Christmases Gone By

Eric Church & Kip Moore Recall Christmases Gone By

Eric Church photo by John Peets, courtesy of EMI Records Nashville.

Christmas is a time for families, but it is also a moment to remember the good times spent with those who have passed on. Eric Church remembers his grandmother coming over on Christmas morning for breakfast and bringing along a true story about a Christmas miracle.

“They were just heart tugging stories about people who had something happen to them; something magical for Christmas that had turned life around,” he said. “Whether it was a homeless person, or just anything. She would always look all year long and find this story, and then we would have breakfast and she would read it, and it was just our family and we’ve carried that on.”

Eric’s mother brings the story to breakfast now and when the time comes, his wife Katherine will take over. “It’s just a neat thing, family-wise, to have that and to always wonder what that story is going to be and what it’s going to be about,” he said. “Sometimes they’re brutal. I mean it can be hard. You get up on Christmas morning and you’re in a good mood and they’re just gut-wrenching, but it’s fun to put things in perspective, and it makes you think about people that aren’t as fortunate.”

As for Kip Moore, he holds a special memory of his father, who passed away a couple of years ago. He and his siblings were able to take one last fishing trip with him three Christmases ago and were treated to a day they will never forget.

“’We all went fishing together during the holidays,” he said. “Growing up as a kid, he was always taking us flats fishing up the Gulf Coast, and we all went one last time when we knew it was coming to an end. It was just one of those days – never in my life, so many times we had gone, we didn’t catch anything. I mean, it was every single cast for seven hours, we catch a fish. It was the wildest thing ever where I didn’t know it was possible to catch that many fish.

“It was the most amazing painted sunset when we were driving in that I’ve ever seen in my life,” he continued. “We just stopped the boat and we all just stared at it for a while, and you just knew. That was kind of given to us, and you knew that was going to be probably the last time that we got to take a fishing trip with him. It was special, man. I’ll never forget that.”


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