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Jennifer Nettles’ Christmas Evolution

Jennifer Nettles' Christmas Evolution

Jennifer Nettles photo by James Minchin, courtesy of UMG Nashville.

Jennifer Nettles is more excited about Christmas than ever this year, mostly because she can’t wait to celebrate with her son, Magnus. Now a year old, Magnus was a newborn last Christmas, just days old when the holiday rolled around. This year will be a different story.

“He was just a little lump of sugar at that point,” she said. “Now, he’s walking around, and he’s into everything. He gets excited about discovery, and so getting gifts for him that he can enjoy and learn from and that will intrigue him for about 10 seconds until he moves on to the box really excite me right now. I’m excited about that, and starting our own holiday traditions, ‘cause I think the season is definitely more special when seen through the eyes of a child.”

When it comes to those new traditions, Jennifer admits they are a work in progress this year. She normally decorates for the holidays, but this year her family is moving into a new home, which has delayed decking the halls. Moving houses fits in perfectly with the stage of life Jennifer is in as she prepares to release her debut solo album.

“That’s been a theme – transition and change and growth and evolution, all that has been a theme for me this year and continues to be,” she said. “We’re trying to get into a new house, so I haven’t decorated, but I do love doing it, but what I love more is entertaining. I hope that once we get into this house, I’m hoping to be able to do something for the New Year. We’ll make Christmas be about Grandma’s.”

Jennifer will release That Girl on January 14 and will launch her That Girl headlining tour on February 12, 2014. Watch Jennifer’s “That Girl” music video >>


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