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Jerrod Niemann Reveals High Noon Album Cover

Jerrod Niemann Reveals High Noon Album Cover

Jerrod Niemann’s 2014 album, High Noon. Photo courtesy of Sony Music Nashville.

Jerrod Niemann took to his social media outlets on Tuesday to invite fans to visit to share and unlock the cover art for his new album, High Noon, set for a March 25 release. Leading up to the project’s street date, the website will continue to offer new experiences, including opportunities for fee downloads, gaming, and exclusive video content.

Produced by Jerrod and Jimmie Lee Sloas, High Noon is now available for pre-order. The album will feature Jerrod’s current Top 20 and climbing single “Drink to That All Night.” The song is now available on iTunes. The album’s title has multiple definitions, including being at peak creativity.

“High Noon is a term that’s been in my mind since I was a kid,” he said. “Growin’ up in Southwest Kansas, I actually lived in Dodge City, Kansas, where the old gun fighting days have such a historical value. Wyatt Earp is the main street, and high noon, if you think of it, it’s always meeting your adversary at noon, and goin’ out there, walkin’ a few steps, and turn around and face what you’re most afraid of, right then and there.

“So for me,” he continued, “every time any of us make a journey in our life for whatever we’re tryin’ to do–in this case makin’ music–I just think, ‘okay, my adversaries are party poopers, and I’m about to face that so that all of us can have a great time,’ hopefully, listening to this record.”


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