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Jon Pardi’s Debut Album Is the Product of “Thousands of Miles”

Jon Pardi

Jon Pardi’s 2014 album, Write You A Song. Photo courtesy of Capitol Nashville.

Jon Pardi will release his debut album, Write You a Song, on January 14. The project, featuring his single “Up All Night,” is the product of thousands of miles of blood, sweat and hard work. He moved from his hometown in California to Nashville to pursue his music dreams.

“That was a big move,” he said. “It’s not just moving six hours. It was 3500 miles of driving. It was three days. So, [being] the new guy in town, [and I'm] trying to find a place to live, trying to find cool people to hang out with, and then you got to try to find a gig, and you got to write songs, and you got to find co-writers.”

Jon found a standing gig at the popular Nashville bar Losers where he eventually met his future producer, Bart Butler. Fans can pre-order the album as well as special “Pardi Packages” at


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