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Eric Church Defines “True Love”

Eric Church Defines "True Love"

Eric Church photo by John Peets, courtesy of EMI Records Nashville.

The definition of “love” is different for everyone. For Eric Church, love is how his wife Katherine loves him fully, flaws and all. Her favorite song of his is the ballad “Like Jesus Does,” which he says suits her and the way she loves him perfectly.

“True love to me is when you love a person in spite of all their fallibilities, and for me, I have a lot of ‘em,” he said. “I’m definitely at times hard to love, and that’s what’s great about Katherine and the way she loves me. She loves me in spite of those things and really for those things. That’s what’s so neat about the song is it’s not getting around those things, that’s a part of who the person is and it can be challenging at times, and that’s what the song talks about, but it’s what true love is.”

Eric released his new album, The Outsiders, on Tuesday. It features his latest single, “Give Me Back My Hometown.”


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