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Luke Bryan Makes His Super Bowl Pick

Luke Bryan Makes His Super Bowl Pick

Luke Bryan photo by Joseph Llanes, courtesy of Schmidt Relations.

Luke Bryan isn’t being shy about who he’s cheering for to win the Super Bowl. It’s not that he doesn’t like the Seattle Seahawks. He just has a special place in his heart for the Denver Broncos’ quarterback.

“I’m just pulling for Peyton [Manning] on this one,” he said. “I got to meet Peyton last year, and he’s a great guy. I did a charity concert for him for a hospital and hung with him and I’d love to see Peyton get him one more ring.”

Luke won’t be entirely disappointed if the Seahawks win however. “I truly feel like Seattle is a powerhouse,” he said. “I’m excited just to watch the Super Bowl and have a reason to cheer for Peyton, but if Seattle wins, I’m gonna be like, ‘Hey! Congrats!,’ because they’re just an awesome football team.”

So how will Luke be spending Super Bowl Sunday? “I’m excited because I have the Saturday off before the Super Bowl,” he said. “I get home and kinda get my bearings off the road and get pumped up before the Super Bowl. It’s gonna be fun. We’ll have some friends over, cook some ribs or something, drink a lot of beer. Here we go.”


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