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Danielle Bradbery Overcame Stage Fright for The Voice

Danielle Bradbery Overcame Stage Fright for Voice

Danielle Bradbery’s 2013 debut album. Photo courtesy of BMLG.

Believe it or not, Danielle Bradbery had severe stage fright before appearing as a contestant on NBC’s The Voice. Her fear was so acute that she had never performed in front of an audience before stepping onto The Voice stage. Eventually, Danielle was able to overcome  her fears and was ultimately crowned the winner of season four.

“Stage fright was something I didn’t think I could get over,” she said. “Once I got into The Voice and being onstage, I felt like something just clicked on and being in the spotlight and having the cameras, something felt comfortable about that. And once I started singing, it just, all the fear went away.”

Danielle also credits her The Voice coach, Blake Shelton, with helping her find her comfort zone. “Blake was somebody I fell back on and he was really supportive and if I got nervous, or while I was singing I’d just kind of look at him, and he’d be either movin’ with the song, had a big smile on his face, singing along,” she said. “That just made me feel good knowing I can make Blake Shelton proud. And it was just little things like that I just became this new person onstage. It was really cool.”

Danielle has had plenty of time onstage since The Voice. She just wrapped up Brad Paisley’s Beat This Winter Tour and will join Hunter Hayes on his We’re Not Invisible Tour which kicks off March 20.


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