Study on child drownings in portable pools released

According to the first U.S. study on child drownings in portable pools, a child dies every five days in such a pool during warm-weather months, demonstrating a considerable risk and affirming the need for consumer education and affordable protection devices. The research, published today in the journal Pediatrics, shows 209 [...] [...] Read More

6 Toddlers escape from Mooresville daycare

MOORESVILLE, N.C. — Passers-by found six toddlers wandering the streets in front of their daycare. Witnesses say the children walked away from the play area at The Learning Experience Child Development Center on Legacy Boulevard in Mooresville Monday afternoon. All of the children were six-and-under and police say the daycare was unaware the kids were missing.   [...] Read More

PROMISES, PROMISES: ‘Widows’ tax’ lingers

Tens of thousands of the nation’s war widows find it perplexing and downright disrespectful to their late military husbands: In order to fully collect on insurance their husbands bought for them when alive, they must marry another man.

And to qualify, the widows must remarry when they are 57 or older. Those who remarry [...] Read More