At the Polls: Long lines and voters steadfast in their beliefs

Early Tuesday morning, voters in York County braved chilly temperatures, some standing in lines more than an hour to cast their ballot in the election. At the Anderson Road precinct, housed at the Rock Hill School District Three headquarters, more than 250 voters stood outside as a line snaked out towards U.S. 21. At that [...] Read More

Kedrowski: Electoral College “misfire” a possible Election Day outcome

While the presidential candidates can count on solidly red or blue states like South Carolina, Texas and California, what voters decide in the so-called swing states may make the big difference in deciding who wins another, or their first, term in office. Karen Kedrowski heads Winthrop University’s Political Science Department and says that in one [...] Read More

Supporters make the case for Sunday retail alcohol sales in York Co.

The co-chairs for Citizens and Business in York County tried to make their case with business leaders today for why residents should vote Tuesday to allow Sunday retail alcohol sales in the county. Pam Morrell explains why she supports the referendum. Fellow co-chair Chet Miller says business is booming at stores in Tega Cay that [...] Read More

Mulvaney, Knott spar three times in 18 hours

With less than two weeks to go before the election, the two people vying for South Carolina’s Fifth Congressional District seat debated twice last night — once in Lancaster later in York- — and will face off a third time Wednesday morning. Incumbent republican Mick Mulvaney and democratic challenger Joyce Knott had their first head-to-head [...] Read More

York County Democratic, GOP leaders weigh in on Voter ID decision

The heads of York County’s two biggest political parties are weighing in on last week’s decision by a U.S. District court upholding South Carolina’s controversial Voter ID law. York County Democratic Party chairwoman Pat Calkins says the reason civil rights and voting rights groups are not appealing the ruling is because judges changed the law [...] Read More