Billy Currington Keeps ‘Em Guessing

If there’s one word that applies to Billy Currington’s recording career, it might well be unpredictable. He’s done blue-eyed soul with “Don’t,” kickin’ country with “That’s How Country Boys Roll” and lazy little grooves with “People Are Crazy” and “Pretty Good At Drinkin’ Beer.” The thing is, Billy’s made it a point to shift stylistic gears within each of his albums. It’s why he titled his last project A Little Bit Of Everything, and he’s keeping the same approach with his next release, Enjoy Yourself. Read More

“Enjoy Yourself” With Billy Currington

Billy Currington’s easy-going single “Pretty Good At Drinkin’ Beer” has him in the Top 5, so it seems his timing is just as good as his guzzling talents. His next album, Enjoy Yourself, will be released Sept. 21, which essentially means the single will be peaking right around the same time the new project comes out. Billy titled his last release A Little Bit Of Everything, and it appears he’s showing the same sort of versatility with the new one. Read More