Eli Young Band Overwhelms Radio Group

The Eli Young Band has finished a new album that’s set to come out next year, and if the response to the group in Houston is any indication, its decade-long journey could be paying off big time. The band just celebrated its 10th anniversary this fall after slowing developing an audience from extensive, dedicated touring, beginning in Denton, Texas, and expanding outward. Its 2008 album, Jet Black & Jealous, brought a hit with “Always The Love Songs,” but EYB’s popularity goes deeper than might normally be expected for an act that’s had only one Top 20 success. Houston radio station KKBQ ran a contest that encouraged fans to enter online for a chance to win an acoustic concert from the band. The station got a whopping 180,000 responses over the following 24 hours, crashing the Cox Media Group’s server in Atlanta. That left staff members without Internet access or email at 86 radio stations, four newspapers and 15 TV outlets across the country. Read More

Eli Young Band Laughs Off the Name

If you were a bit confused over the Eli Young Band and its hit “Always The Love Songs,” you can take a bit of solace in knowing that you weren’t alone. EYB is a four-piece band out of Denton, Texas, although none of the members is actually named Eli Young. The group’s brand is actually a conjunction of two guys’ names: lead singer Mike Eli and guitarist James Young. But if you were to meet them at a concert, it’s a good bet that they wouldn’t take offense at being addressed incorrectly. Read More

Eli Young Band Primed as Heartbreakers

In an era when Kid Rock and Bon Jovi have found success in country music, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to hear Tom Petty’s name being thrown around. The Eli Young Band has been covering the rocker’s “American Girl” frequently in concert, and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers are something of a muse for the Texas foursome as it develops a follow-up to the 2008 album Jet Black & Jealous. Read More