Kenny Chesney Talks Baseball in MLB All-Star Game Program

Kenny Chesney’s love of football is well-known, but he’s also a huge baseball fan. His father was a high school coach and Kenny himself played second base. While he opted for a career slinging a guitar instead of a bat, the nerves he feels before going onstage are a lot like the nerves he experienced [...] Read More

Kenny Chesney Gets Personal & Shares Never Before Seen Photos in Backstory: Kenny Chesney

“It was literally like the hand of God going, ‘Okay, this is why you can’t play sports anymore,’” says Kenny Chesney when he redirected his drive and ambition from sports to music as a college freshman. Backstory: Kenny Chesney, premiering Thursday, July 12 at 10 p.m. Eastern on GAC, tells Kenny’s remarkable story — through [...] Read More