Ronnie Dunn Is Not Afraid to Voice His Political Opinions

Ronnie Dunn is best known as a singer/songwriter but he’s also outspoken about his political beliefs. His single “Cost of Livin’” reflects his thoughts on America’s current economic climate. As the November elections grow closer, Ronnie is vocal on his thoughts on both presidential candidates — as he was in 2004 as a support of [...] Read More

Investment expert weighs in on tax rate changes

The president of a local investment management firm says he’s not surprised that markets on Wall Street did not react to President Obama’s proposal to reduce the nation’s corporate income tax rate from 35 percent to 28 percent. Kendall Anderson of Anderson Griggs Portfolio says the cut is a step in the right direction. Anderson [...] Read More

GOP, democratic leaders weigh in on State of the Union

The chairman of the York County Democratic Party says President Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday night was a campaign speech. Richards McCray said on today’s edition of Palmetto Mornings on WRHI that the speech was a vision of what the president would do if he’s re-elected in November. McCray says the address emphasized [...] Read More

DNCC tweaks 2012 Queen City convention

In a move that was part-expected and part-unexpected, the Democratic National Convention Committee announced a few tweaks to this fall’s convention in Charlotte. DNCC chief executive Steve Kerrigan said Tuesday the convention has been shortened from its traditional four days to three to make room for, quote “a day to organize and celebrate the Carolinas, [...] Read More

Santorum stumps in Rock Hill

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum says South Carolina’s January 21st primary is not just about the economy. Santorum said in the Magnolia Room at Laurel Creek this morning that faith and family have to be strong if the economy is to be strong. The former Pennsylvania senator says the general election in November when the [...] Read More