GAC’s Top 10 Workin’ Man (& Woman) Videos

Aaron Tippin earned a PhD, Merle Haggard’s got the blues and Travis Tritt asks for mercy. When it comes to country music, the working man is one busy guy. But only a few artists can “bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan” in their videos. We worked overtime to come up [...] Read More

Toby Keith Turns to Technology

If you look at the credits on Toby Keith’s albums, it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to figure out that he writes most of his own material — and that he’s pretty prolific. As it turns out, Toby’s writing even more songs now than ever. It’s not that he gets more ideas than he used to. He’s simply figured out a better way to manage them. Read More

Toby Keith Reloads His “Gun”

It appears that Toby Keith is off on another musical adventure that fits pretty neatly with what he’s done in his past. To set the stage, it’s a good bet you remember the vigilante storyline of his duet with Willie Nelson, “Beer For My Horses.” And that you recall the margarita-fueled affair that takes place south of the border during the course of “Stays In Mexico.” Now it appears that the title track from Toby’s upcoming album, Bullets In The Gun, might be a bit of a hybrid tale that continues some of those familiar themes. Read More