The Band Perry Wasn’t Always a Band

The Band Perry is an award-winning trio these days but that wasn’t always the case. Kimberly Perry used to take the stage solo while her brothers, Neil and Reid Perry, worked as her roadies for free – depending who you ask. “I was 8, Reid was 10 and Kimberly started her band and she needed [...] Read More

The Band Perry Members Bring Separate Talents To The Writing Table

Even though The Band Perry didn’t write their new single “Better Dig Two,” the sibling trio penned several songs on their debut album and will have a few co-writes on their new album, due out in April 2013. The group writes well together because they each bring their own strengths to the table. “Reid is [...] Read More

Watch The Band Perry’s Ominous “Better Dig Two” Video

Is it a wedding or a funeral? That’s the question in The Band Perry’s new video for their latest single, “Better Dig Two.” Directed by Declan Whitebloom, the video was filmed in the woods around Nashville and brings the song’s ominous lyrics to life. As the video begins, a newlywed couple are walking through a [...] Read More

The Band Perry’s Varied Musical Influences Push Them Outside the Box

The Band Perry’s new single, “Better Dig Two,” makes it clear that the sibling trio isn’t afraid to experiment with sounds or the way they deliver them, whether they write the songs or not. Their wide variety of musical influences is part of the reason they’re willing to step outside the box. “I love soul [...] Read More

Watch The Band Perry’s “Better Dig Two” Lyric Video

The Band Perry debuted their new single, “Better Dig Two,” during the CMA Awards. The sibling trio took off to film the music video shortly after. While fans wait for the video’s release, they can watch the song’s lyrics come to life in the newly-released lyric video. Watch the video below: “Better Dig Two” is [...] Read More