GAC Album Review: Love and Theft

In the three years since Love and Theft released their debut album, World Wide Open in 2009, the group has undergone some major changes. The biggest shifts involved the closing of their label and the departure of member Brian Bandas, leaving fellow founding members Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Gunderson searching for a new deal [...] Read More

2010 Rewind: No. 12 — Rascal Flatts Weathers Disney Shutdown

A dismal, sluggish economy was central to every part of American life in 2010, and it certainly had an effect on Music Row. Nowhere was it more obvious than when Disney shut down the Lyric Street Records office in April, creating turmoil in the lives of several artists, including Rascal Flatts. The Lyric Street closing and all that it represented is the No. 1 story among country music’s one dozen most important stories of the year. Read More

Love And Theft Regroups

Love And Theft can look back on the last 18 months with a lot of joy. Looking ahead, however, is requiring a little bit of faith. The band — Eric Gunderson, Brian Bandas and Stephen Barker Liles — earned its first hit in 2009 through Carolwood Records, a sister label to the Disney-affiliated Lyric Street. “Runaway” led the guys to their Grand Ole Opry debut and the release of their first album, World Wide Open. They also had a chance to make a cameo appearance on “American Idol,” to take part in a Kraft sweepstakes and to hit the road on Tim McGraw’s current Southern Voice Tour, which also features Lady Antebellum. Read More