Carrie Underwood Tops First American Country Awards

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Carrie Underwood won six times at the inaugural American Country Awards Monday night as victors took home Fender guitars instead of the traditional mantle pieces collected at most ceremonies. Carrie picked up the night’s biggest honor, Artist of the Year, in the waning moments of the two-hour FOX show, and like the rest of the evening’s speakers, she made a point of thanking the fans, who voted on the honors. Read More

Toby Keith Talks Politics With CNN

Airing your political views is supposed to be a bad move for artists. Say the wrong thing and some fans might not like you anymore — just ask the Dixie Chicks. Not everyone follows that rule, and Toby Keith in particular is known to speak his mind. Ask him a question, he’ll probably give you an answer. And that’s exactly what happened when he talked with CNN about health care, the White House and the Tea Party. Since Toby’s been portrayed as a conservative, his answers might shock fans who haven’t been paying close attention the last few years. But he grew up a Democrat, even though he’s been known to back a Republican or two. Right now, he sounds fed up with the whole system, which is probably why he can get away with talking about it. His disappointment with Washington means he’s not much different than the rest of the citizens. Read More

Take a Guided Tour Through Toby Keith’s New Album

Toby Keith’s brand new album, Bullets In The Gun, hit store shelves this past Tuesday. I thought it would be fun to offer fans an inside look at each and every song. So, we asked the man himself to take you on a guided tour of his new album. Read the story behind all ten [...] Read More

Toby Keith Turns to Technology

If you look at the credits on Toby Keith’s albums, it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to figure out that he writes most of his own material — and that he’s pretty prolific. As it turns out, Toby’s writing even more songs now than ever. It’s not that he gets more ideas than he used to. He’s simply figured out a better way to manage them. Read More

Oops! Toby Keith Turns an Error Into a Hit

Sometimes those licky trittle words don’t come out rite quight. If you’re Toby Keith, misspeaking can mean money! Toby has a hit on his hands with “Trailerhood,” which is currently in the Top 10 on GAC’s Top 20 Country Countdown. It’s got a load of references to pink flamingos, poker games, beer and football on TV, but it’s a song that Toby pretty much stumbled upon. To be more specific, he tripped over his own tongue, and he was smart enough to figure out his flub could be fab. Read More