Darius Rucker On Writing for Country

Darius Rucker knows what it’s like to be on a roll. He’s done it twice. In 1995, he was a co-writer and the lead singer on four hits from one pop album as a member of Hootie + The Blowfish. In 2008, he was a co-writer and the singer on four hits from one album once again — but this time, it was his debut project as a country artist. Does he have to do something different to write country songs? Read More

Send Us Your Questions for Darius Rucker!

Darius Rucker has a new CD called Charleston, SC 1966, in stores October 12. He’s currently traveling with Brad Paisley on the H2O Tour — and he’s also coming to the GAC studio very soon! We need your help interviewing him, so please send us your questions for Darius. What to ask? Be creative with your [...] Read More