Dierks Bentley Pens Emotional Piece for CNN in Memory of George Jones

Dierks Bentley often puts pen to paper to craft songs that later make their way onto albums and country radios. Earlier this week, CNN asked him to put his writing craft to work in another way by penning an opinion piece on George Jones, who passed away April 26 at the age of 81. Dierks [...] Read More

Lancaster defends Red Rose pride

The president and CEO of the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce says last month’s CNN story about the Red Rose City left people who live there frustrated, disappointed and angry. Dean Faile said during Thursday’s edition of Straight Talk on WRHI that the characterization in the story was frustrating. Faile says the content of the story was [...] Read More

ESPN Pulls Monday Night Football Theme After Hank Jr.’s Remarks

If you watched Monday Night Football last night, you saw the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Indianapolis Colts. What you didn’t see was the familiar ”Are You Ready For Some Football?” opening, sung by Hank Williams Jr. ESPN pulled the song from the broadcast after comments Hank made about President Barack Obama. Yesterday morning while a guest on Fox News’ [...] Read More

Wynonna Headlines Independence Day Concert in Georgia

Wynonna Judd will headline the 29th Annual Independence Day Concert on Friday, July 1 in Warner Robins, Georgia. Joining Wynonna will be CNN Headline News morning show anchor-turned-country-singer Robin Meade and the U.S. Air Force Reserve Band. The free show will start at 8 PM/ET with the singing of the National Anthem and an F-15 [...] Read More

See Trace Adkins on the Set of His New Video

Trace Akdins has been busy shooting the video for his latest single, “Brown Chicken Brown Cow.” What exactly does the song title mean? Trace explained to CNN that saying the song title out loud recalls “that old guitar lick that was predominant in every porno done in the seventies.” Trace has a co-star in the video — [...] Read More