Martina McBride Moves to Los Angeles for the Summer

It’s officially summer vacation and Martina McBride and her family are soaking up the sun. She took to her blog to reveal her plans. “We are moving to Los Angeles for the next few weeks!” she wrote. “My middle daughter, Emma, has always wanted to try her hand at acting and so we have enrolled [...] Read More

Martina McBride Walks the Line With Her Daughters

Martina McBride is a country superstar, but she’s also a wife and a mother to her three daughters, Delaney,16, Emma, 13 and Ava, 6. Each of her three girls are different and their unique personalities help shape their relationship with mom. 5 Things You Don’t Know About Martina McBride! >> “Delaney, she’s ready to be [...] Read More

This Week’s GAC Top 20 Chart

Martina McBride and her daughters, Delaney, Emma, and Ava are the special guests on this Mother’s Day edition of GAC’s Top 20 Country Countdown. The girls dish to Nan Kelley about their mom’s cooking, her driving, whether or not she sings around the house and of course, how they feel about Martina’s new single, “Teenage [...] Read More

Martina McBride and Her Daughters Visit GAC’s Top 20

This week, GAC’s Top 20 Country Countdown has some very special guests. In honor of Mother’s Day, Martina McBride and her daughters, Delaney (16), Emma (13) and Ava (5) sat down with Nan Kelley for some good old-fashioned girl talk. This is the first time Martina and her daughters have done an interview together. Martina’s [...] Read More