Taylor Swift’s Date Unable to Make ACM Awards

New Jersey high school senior Kevin McGuire will unfortunately have to miss the ACM Awards tonight. Kevin, who is fighting his second bout with cancer, gained attention when he asked Taylor Swift to the prom. Taylor couldn’t make it to the prom, but she in turn asked him to be her date for the 47th Annual ACM Awards. [...] Read More

Taylor Swift Invites Teen Battling Cancer To ACM Awards

Taylor Swift will have a very special date to the ACM Awards on April 1st, reports USA Today. Kevin McGuire, a teenager from New Jersey who is battling Leukemia, asked Taylor to be his date to his senior prom on June 1st, which also happens to be his 18th birthday. Taylor couldn’t make his prom [...] Read More

ACM to Hold First-Ever Digital Press Conference to Announce Nominees

Have you ever watched the stars announce the nominees at an awards show press conference? Sure you have! But now, YOU could be one of the folks doing the announcing! Beginning today, you can visit the ACM YouTube Channel to learn how to post a video announcing the name of the artist or artists YOU [...] Read More

Watch Our Chat with Kellie Pickler

We had such a great time hanging with Kellie Pickler last night! Kellie visited our studio and did a live broadcast of The Collection, hosted by Storme Warren. Kellie and Storme watched some of her videos and Kellie took calls on the air from some lucky fans. Immediately after shooting The Collection, Kellie did a [...] Read More

Watch Kellie Pickler LIVE on GAC Wednesday Night

Kellie Pickler – with her quick wit and engaging personality – is the perfect star for live television. In the first-ever LIVE episode of The Collection, Wednesday, January 18 at 8 p.m. Eastern, Kellie sits down with host Storme Warren to talk about the making of several of the music videos in her catalog. The [...] Read More