Jimmy Dean, Don Williams Join Hall of Fame

Don Williams and Jimmy Dean, two vocalists who approached their public presence from very different angles, were officially inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame Sunday night in front of family, friends and a rather elite set of peers. A singer, comic and television pioneer, Jimmy built his career as a multi-faceted entertainer. Don worked several detail-oriented jobs before his breakthrough — he was a co-partner in a furniture store and an office administrator — and he made his public mark in a workman-like manner, eschewing the party circuit and putting his efforts into finding and delivering well-constructed songs. Neither singer was able to claim his medallion in person. Jimmy died in June, just a few months after he was told in a phone call that he would have a bronze plaque enshrined with his likeness in the Hall of Fame’s Rotunda alongside such fellow performers as Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and Jimmy’s childhood idol, Gene Autry. Read More

Alan Jackson Nailed “Hammer” With an Anvil

One of the things critics most often praise about Alan Jackson is his authenticity, and he went all out to be realistic when he recorded his current single, “Hard Hat And A Hammer.” “Hard Hat” is one of his trademark songs in celebration of the working man, and to give it a real air of authority, Alan featured a very unique instrument on the recording. Read More