GAC’s Top 10 Artists Who Defined the ’90s

As FM radio expanded in the early ’90s, Americans who only knew cowboy hats and a couple of Willie Nelson songs were introduced to stars like Garth Brooks, George Strait and Reba McEntire. It was a great time for country music; the genre was booming and the rest of America was taking notice. Here’s our list [...] Read More

Tyler Barham’s New EP Cracks iTunes Country Album Chart Top 20

Former Next GAC Star finalist Tyler Barham’s new EP, Twenty-One, has landed him in the Top 20 on iTune’s Country Album Chart! The 5-song EP, released on Tyler’s 21st birthday, reached No. 19 on the chart, just six months after his self-titled EP reached No. 39. A YouTube sensation, Tyler’s fans rallied behind him to put his [...] Read More