Tim McGraw on Watching His Daughters Grow Up

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s daughters, Gracie, Maggie and Audrey, are 15, 14 and 12. It won’t be long before they are leaving the nest and heading out into the world. While it’s hard for Tim to picture that day, he’s also proud to watch them grow. “It’s rewarding and it just sort of takes [...] Read More

Tim McGraw Collaborates with Taylor Swift & Keith Urban on New Single

Tim McGraw’s new single, “Highway Don’t Care,” is a triple threat. Tim teams up with Taylor Swift on vocals and Keith Urban on guitar on the track. Reaction to the single has been feverish, with radio stations playing it ahead of its official release date. The song also debuted at No. 1 on the Country [...] Read More

GAC Album Review: Tim McGraw’s Two Lanes of Freedom

Where you wanna go? Tim McGraw asks with an urgent roll on the epic title-track of his new album, Two Lanes of Freedom. And judging by the song’s dramatic arrangement full of cascading harmonies, thundering percussion and exotic hint of didgeridoo, it seems as if Tim might really be asking himself that question as he [...] Read More

Tim McGraw Reveals Details About New Album

Tim McGraw is revealing more details about his upcoming album, Two Lanes of Freedom, which will be released Feb. 5, 2013. “I feel like I’ve progressed in my work, and I’ve always strived to get better,” says Tim. “On my last album, I was discovering some new sounds and new things that I wanted to do, [...] Read More