Rascal Flatts Celebrates 13th No. 1 Song

Rascal Flatts celebrated their No. 1 single “I Won’t Let Go” in Nashville on Wednesday with a party hosted by Big Machine Records and ASCAP. While celebrating the song’s success with family and friends and the track’s writers, Jason Sellers and Steve Robson, the trio was surprised with the news that their first album for [...] Read More

Rascal Flatts Remembers the Moment They Made It

For every artist, there’s a moment when they know they’ve made it. For Rascal Flatts, who’ve had many moments from major award wins to a string of No. 1 hits in their 11-year career, that moment came some time ago when they made their debut on the Grand Ole Opry stage. “What was weird about [...] Read More

Rascal Flatts Finds Downtime Necessary

When you’re as busy as Rascal Flatts, downtime becomes a precious commodity. Right now, the trio is enjoying some of that time off in between tours. They’re using it to spend time with family and catch up on hobbies – some of which are music-related, despite being away from the stage and studio. That downtime is necessary [...] Read More

Rascal Flatts Relied On Instincts With “I Won’t Let Go”

Rascal Flatts relied on instinct when deciding on whether or not to release their current single, “I Won’t Let Go.” The song, which is the group’s 25th Top 10 single, struck a chord with the group early on. “We knew immediately that at some point it was going to be a single, we just didn’t [...] Read More