Thomas Rhett Finds His Musical Direction with Latest Single

Thomas Rhett has been hard at work on his debut album, expected out later this year. His latest single, “It Goes Like This,” is a good indication of what fans will hear on it. “I definitely think this is more the direction that we’re heading towards,” he said. “I’ve gotten to play a lot on [...] Read More

Thomas Rhett: Bottle Rocket Warrior

Thomas Rhett could have shot his eye out. Growing up, he and his buddies were a bit mischievous on the Fourth of July. “We used to have bottle rocket wars in our backyard and we would all get in tree houses and shoot bottle rockets at [each other],” he said. “Looking back, we could all [...] Read More

Thomas Rhett’s Wife Frowns Upon His Bad Habit

Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren have been married for about eight months. Besides adjusting to married life and Thomas’ hectic touring schedule, Lauren has also learned to accept one of his bad habits – his tobacco dipping. “It’s a horrible habit,” Thomas said. “My dad has chewed tobacco for a long time and so [...] Read More

Thomas Rhett Calls New Single “Sexy & Moody”

Thomas Rhett is a great songwriter himself but he didn’t pen his new single, “It Goes Like This.” His dad, Rhett Akins, co-wrote the song with Jimmy Robbins and Ben Hayslip. After just one listen, he knew he had to record it. “The first time I heard it I fell in love with it,” he [...] Read More

Thomas Rhett Recalls His Grand Opry Debut

Country artists dream of someday getting the chance to play the historic Grand Ole Opry. When Thomas Rhett made his Opry debut, he called it one of the most nerve-racking moments of his life. He remembers sitting backstage in his dressing room, trying to remain calm. “My entire family was there,” he said. “I had [...] Read More