The Judds: Yes To Oprah, No To VH1

Their life is kind of a crazy train, so when Wynonna and Naomi Judd launch a reality series on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network in 2011, will it be a new version of “The Osbournes”? Probably not. But they could have done that if they wanted. “We were offered the VH1 slot after ‘The Osbournes,’” Wynonna remembers. “I was like, ‘I’d rather have a lobotomy.’” Read More

Judds Kick Off Last Encore Tour

Wynonna and Naomi Judd hit the road on Friday as the Judds’ Last Encore Tour got underway in Green Bay, mixing some of the duo’s classics with numerous solo songs from Wy. Mother and daughter locked voices on such historic titles as “Love Can Build A Bridge,” “Young Love,” “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout The Good Old Days)” and “Love Is Alive.” Wynonna ran through “No One Else On Earth” and “She Is His Only Need,” and they added a few holiday performances as well, including “Silent Night” and “Ave Maria.” The Judds took country by storm in the 1980s before a potentially fatal bout with hepatitis C forced Naomi to retire from the road. The disease has since gone into remission, but she’s been content to let Wynonna carry on her solo career while she stays at home in Nashville most of the time. Read More

Wynonna at Peace With Career

Wynonna Judd is getting ready to tour with her mom this month for the first time in a decade, and it’s likely to represent a major turn-around in her relationship with her career — and with herself. When the Judds first took off in the 1980s, Wynonna was in her late teens, and the duo’s success set up a personal storyline that differs from most people. Instead of separating from her parents, as is typical in the 20s, she was cooped up with her mom, Naomi, on a bus, driving for hours from show to show. It was stressful, to say the least. And Wynonna had a hard time emotionally when she failed to live up to her mom’s expectations or to the praise she received from the public. Fortunately, Wy has gone through some personal transformations, and she doesn’t feel career pressure in the same way. Read More

The Judds Paint the Opry Pink

The Judds make a rare Grand Ole Opry appearance tonight when they flip a switch at the Opry House and turn the live radio show’s traditional red barn backdrop pink. Since Naomi’s retirement from touring 1991, she’s made only occasional trips back to the stage, but this Opry performance is — in some ways — a tune up for a whole series of shows. The Judds begin their Last Encore Tour in Green Bay on Nov. 26. And Naomi will probably end up in a trance-like state for part of the concert almost every night. That’s how it was when Wynonna and Naomi played for more than 40,000 fans at the CMA Music Festival in 2009. And it’s a direct result of Naomi’s relationship with both the audience and her daughter. Read More

Dierks Bentley & Country Go the Extra Miles

When Dierks Bentley booked his Miles & Music For Kids charity motorcycle ride for rainy Seattle, he had to know it was a possibility that the event would get drenched. That possibility became reality. The city was hit with a heavy downpour last Saturday, but the good folks of Washington State still came out in full force. They raised $50,000 for Seattle Children’s Hospital, as Dierks continues his work for kids charities. Since he established the Music & Miles program in 2006, he’s raised a whopping $1.3 million in all. “Rainy days aren’t typically when most people are itching to get out the motorcycle for a leisurely afternoon ride,” Dierks says. “But we’ve come to learn over the last few years of putting these rides on that motorcycle riders may look big and bad, but they have a heart of gold, and it would take a lot more than a little rain to deter them.” Dierks has another Miles & Music date on the horizon, but it’s just one of numerous charity events that country stars are undertaking in the near future. They include: Read More