Kevin Costner Returns to Concert Disaster Scene

Sunday marked the one-year anniversary of a devastating natural disaster that killed a fan and injured members of Billy Currington’s band when a storm whipped through the Big Valley Jamboree in Camrose, Alberta. The Big Valley producers halted the 2009 festival after the stage collapsed, though they didn’t fold up their tent permanently. The Jamboree was back at the same site this weekend, and attendance for the first two days was up over last year by 10%, according to The Edmonton Journal. Not that last year was forgotten. During that edition of the Jamboree, a freak storm amassed with little or no warning while Billy was on stage Aug. 1. He was hospitalized briefly with a concussion. His bass player, Alex Stevens, was pinned underneath the stage for 30 minutes and required surgery for a severed artery in his left arm. Two members of Kevin Costner’s band, Modern West, were injured at the side of the stage, one fan was crushed to death when speakers toppled on her, and about 75 other concert-goers were injured. So when the Jamboree resumed this year, “Amazing Grace” was played Saturday, CBC News reported, to remember Donna Moore, the fan who died. And when lightning started snapping in the distance during Miranda Lambert’s set on Friday, producers had her take a break just four songs into her set. Ultimately, they erred on the side of safety and shut down the show for the night. Read More

Trailer Choir, Miranda Lambert on Top 20 Tonight!

Wisconsin’s Country Thunder was four days of people, rain and wall-to-wall country music. Mother Nature might not have been kind to the festival’s visitors, but they didn’t seem to mind a little water or mud when it gave them a chance to see Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert, Sugarland or Trailer Choir. GAC’s Suzanne Alexander didn’t mind either — she was there, too, chatting with some of those stars for this weekend’s Top 20 Country Countdown. The rain was certainly a problem for Country Thunder last weekend, though the show, as they say, must go on. Randy Houser, Luke Bryan, Craig Morgan, Gloriana, Kevin Costner, Jason Aldean, Billy Currington, Miranda and Sugarland were all on hand — and all of them spent a little time with Suzanne. As did Trailer Choir, a new trio whose album Tailgate came out earlier this month. Read More