GAC Album Review: Courtney Jaye’s Love and Forgiveness

Nashville based singer/songwriter Courtney Jaye’s third full-length album, Love and Forgiveness, wraps bruised experience in an optimistic sheen for a message that new beginnings are always possible. Recorded in Los Angeles with producer Mike Wrucke (Miranda Lambert, David Nail), Love and Forgiveness recalls the laid-back pop vibe of 1970s California country heard in artists like [...] Read More

Terri Clark Wins 5th CCMA Top Female Vocalist Award

Terri Clark has a lot to celebrate. Her new album, Roots and Wings, hit stores this week and she picked up the Canadian Country Music Award for Top Female Vocalist on Monday. This is Terri’s fifth win in the category. “I am humbled to be honored by my Canadian peers for my work over the [...] Read More

GAC Trivia Time: Sugarland

Sugarland hit the scene with “Baby Girl” and have been making their own rules ever since. Their shows are electric and their tunes have a way of getting stuck in your head … “whoa-oh, whoa-oh, stuck like glue…” Whether they bring you to your feet or your knees, Sugarland knows how to make fans feel [...] Read More

Sugarland’s “Baby Girl” Becomes Reality

When Sugarland released its debut single during this week in 2004, the band was engaging in a bit of wishful thinking. Looking back a half-dozen years, it now appears the act was setting itself up for success. The song, of course, was “Baby Girl,” in which a wannabe musician corresponds with family members about her dreams and ambitions. During the first part of the song, she begs for money, lamenting that she’s “so broke that it ain’t funny.” But she makes a transformation by the close of “Baby Girl.” The band holes up in the Ritz-Carlton and happily observes that it’s “so rich that it ain’t funny.” Now Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush are pretty much required to sing “Baby Girl” at every concert, and they’re inevitably aware that they’ve lived out the lyrics they penned when they were still trying to make it. Read More